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Zootopia Crime Files Cheats, Hack & Tips for Bucks, Energy, & Coins

Zootopia Crime Files Hack for Bucks, Energy, & Coins 2016

Bucks, energy, and coins are an important part of Zootopia Crime Files. They are necessary for buying in-game items and playing the game correctly. To win, you’ll need a lot of bucks, energy, and coins. Download our free Zootopia Crime Files hack tool now, directly from our website, to easily get bucks, energy, and coins.

Our Zootopia Crime Files hack tool is very easy to use. Take a look at the image below to see what it will look like. All you have to do is enter the amount of bucks, energy, and coins you want. There are no surveys to fill out and no APK root is necessary.

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Download our Zootopia Crime Files hack from our site. It should take 30 seconds to download. After it downloads, it will take another 30 seconds to install. Make sure you choose Android or iOS. Enter the amount of bucks, energy, and coins you want. The 2016 Zootopia Crime Files hack works without a jailbreak or APK root and there are no surveys!

Click the big “start” button to begin the hack. After the hack has finished, which should only take about 30 seconds, open the app on your device like normal. Your energy, bucks, and coins will be ready.

Download Zootopia Crime Files Hack v1.05a

STEP 1. Click Like then Confirm

STEP 2. Select Server To Download File


About Zootopia Crime Files

For Zootopia fans and newcomers alike, Zootopia Crime Files is a hidden object game where they can easily find their place in the story. The game tells the story of the animal police, namely Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde, partner detectives. As they get new assigments by Chief Bogo, Clawhauser and more of the ZPD’s forces, you will get to assist them in finding criminals threatening the peace of Zootopia.

The gameplay is half made up of story bits and conversations between characters, while the other half is about the actual hidden object and puzzle elements. The game currently offers eight different cases to work on, but you must start at the very first. Nevertheless, each case is made up of a few minigames and investigation sequences. Picking a case from the map of Zootopia will show you the overview of the case, listing Scenes, Evidence, Laboratory and Suspects.