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Pokemon GO Cheats, Tips, Hack for Pokeballs and Pokecoins

Pokémon GO requires a mandatory sign-up but that can be very easy achieved in 2016. On Android devices you will use your Google Play Services account and on Apple devices your App Store account. If you prefer, you can create a Pokémon Trainer Club and you will be good to go. Because the game requires a sign-in, your data will be saved regardless the device you use and when for as long as you use the same account you registered with.

The game currently uses only one currency called Pokécoins. You can use them to buy Pokéballs, various items for your Pokémon or extra storage. The price for those themed coins starts from $0.99 in exchange of 100 coins and goes up to $99.99 in exchange of 14,500 coins. There are also different values in-between.

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Pokemon GO Hack v1.2.rar

Cheats & Tips for Pokemon GO

Use the Pokémon tracker from your right corner of the screen to find nearby Pokémon. 3 footprints means that they are considerably far away, 0 means that they are nearby you.