Seven Knights Hack & Cheat Free Rubies, Gold, Keys and Topaz

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Seven Knights Hack and Cheats (Unlimited Rubies, Gold, Keys and Topaz)

Learn how to cheat Seven Knights using this hack for Android, iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, iPad Air, iPod Touch and iOS and enable God Mode (Infinite Health for your Heroes), No Cooldown Skills, and Damage hack. You can also use it to get unlimited rubies, gold, keys and topaz to acquire 4 stars to 6 stars Hero, Item, Gears and Equip. No root or jailbreak is needed, just use these Seven Knights cheats to clear the Adventure mode and dominate the Battle Arena, Celestial Tower, Daily Dungeon and Raid.

Normally, you can gain Gold from adventure and battle. You will need Gold for Power Up, Fusion, Transcend, and more. Keys are required for adventure. Entering adventure require consuming keys.

Seven Knights 6-Stars Heroes

  • Hell Lord Kris
  • Ice Tyrant Spike
  • Dragon Patron Jave
  • Deadly Monarch Dellons
  • Phoenix Lord Rachel
  • Fodina Empress Eileene
  • Absolute Guardian Rudy

Seven Knights Trainer

Enable God Mode, No Cooldown Skills and do massive damage using the “Seven Knights cheats”. Use the hack to get unlimited rubies, gold, keys and topaz, and acquire premium rare 3 stars to 6 stars Heroes, Items, Gears and Equipment!

Seven Knights Hack Features:

  • Unlimited Rubies (Never run out of rubies for Seven Knights.)
  • Unlimited Gold (Use the gold for Power Up, Fusion, Transcend, and more.)
  • Invincibility Mode (God Mode/Infinite HP/Heroes are invincible and cannot be damaged.)
  • No Cooldown Skills (Heroes’ skills do not have cool-down time.)
  • Damage Hack (Heroes’ attack damage are massive/boosted/multiplied to instantly kill enemies.)
  • Free Shopping/Store Mod (Rare Hero Ticket, Rare Item Ticket, etc.)
  • Works for all Android smart phones and tablets as well as iOS devices including iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, iPad Air, and iPod Touch (Seven Knights must be installed and supported on device.)
  • No “root” or “jailbreak” needed for your Seven Knights gaming device.

Hacking Instructions:

1. Connect your Android or iOS gaming device first (where Seven Knights is installed and have existing game saved data on it) to your computer using USB.
2. Start and run the Seven Knights Trainer.
3. From the top menu of the trainer, select your gaming platform (e.g. select either Android or iOS) then click the “START” button.
4. Wait for the trainer to detect your gaming device and successfully validate your Seven Knights game data and files.
5. Check the Rubies, Gold, Keys and Topaz options and enter your desired amount if you want to add rubies, gold, keys, and topaz respectively. Optionally, you can enable “God Mode”, “No Cooldown Skills” and “Damage Hack” by checking their corresponding boxes on the “Extra Options” to enable it.
6. Finalize and enable your desired options, then proceed next by clicking the “Start Hacking” button.
7. Wait for a few seconds (or minutes) for the trainer to completely patch and mod your Seven Knights game data. Afterwards, you may unplug and disconnect your connected gaming device.
8. Open or start your Seven Knights app, and check for the newly added resources and enable cheats. (e.g. God Mode, No Cooldown of Skills, Damage Boost)
9. Have fun and enjoy acquiring your most wanted 6-star Heroes (Use the Rare Hero x 10 for a higher percentage or chance of getting 6star Heroes), Gears, Item and Equipment. Dominate the Adventure, Battle Arena, Celestial Tower, Daily Dungeon and Raid!

Follow two simple steps to download this tool

STEP 1. Click Like then Confirm

STEP 2. Select Server To Download File

Download Server 1:

Server 1: Seven Knights Hack v1.03
Download Server 2:

Server 2: Seven Knights Hack v1.03

Seven Knights Game Guide, FAQ, Tips and Tricks

Power Up

Each hero can be leveled up to max 30 and power up to max +5. Powering up can be done in hero's page and if you use same ranked hero as power up material, your power up may have successful power up which will increase power up EXP much more than usual. (Material hero used for Powering up will be consumed.)


If you have two heroes with level 30 with +5 power up, you may fuse those two heroes to acquire a higher ranked hero. (Ex. Fusing 2 of 3 star heroes will grant you a random 4 star hero.)

Rank Up

Element hero can be used for rank up your level 30, +5 hero. Element must have a same rank and type with a base hero for rank up. (Elements can be found in daily dungeon and you can find out more about it in Element's page in hero tab.)


There are 5 different types of element like heroes and each element will allow you to rank up same type of hero.

Elements and Types

Defensive: Earth Element
Supportive: Light Element
Magical: Water Element
All Around: Dark Element
Striker: Fire Element