World of Warriors Unlimited Wildstones - Download Hack & Cheat

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World of Warriors Hack and Cheats (Unlimited Wildstones)

Updated and working:

Enable God Mode and have infinite Health and do massive damage using the World of Warriors hack for Android and iOS. Use the cheats to get unlimited wildstones, honor stones, gold, stamina, talisman, craft material and upgrade warrior materials!

Learn how to cheat World of Warriors using this hack for Android, iPhone, iPad and iOS and enable God Mode (Invincibility + Infinite Health) and Damage hack. You can also use it to get unlimited wildstones, honor stones and gold to acquire rare, super rare and legendary warriors. No root or jailbreak is needed, just use these World of Warriors cheats and dominate all your battles including clearing the Quest Story Mode, Arena (PvP), Tower and Portal.

In this tutorial we will be showing and teaching you how you can easily hack and cheat World of Warriors game, so you can get the best, most powerful and overpowered legendary warriors you can use to complete all the stages or maps in normal quest campaign, clear the top floor of the Tower and all the Portal levels, plus top the rankings in the Arena.

World of Warriors Resources:

  • Wildstones (Wild Stones) are used to gain the rarest warriors and items.
  • Honor Stones is used for summoning warriors from the "Honor Door".
  • Gold is used for training and equipping.
  • Potions like Power Boost Potions and Mana Potions help you in tough battles.
  • Talismans and scrolls give you bonus stats or attributes in battle.
  • Stamina is used to enter battle.
  • Material Packs can be used to upgrade warriors.

List of Legendary Warriors: (Can be acquired/summoned using the “Door of Epics”)

Agoolik: The Inuit Warrior
Anil: The Gupta Warrior
Bibi: The Sikh Warrior Girl
Crockett: The Fearsome Frontiersman
Dao: The Tran Dynasty Warrior
Doongara: The Australian Aborigine
Helios: The Macedonian Warrior
Huneric: The Vandal King
Joan: The Warrior Maid
Kibi: The Dani Chief
Kofi: The Benin Bodyguard
Kuro: The Midnight Ninja
Manawa: The Maori Warrior
Mungo: The Celtic Berserker
Ping: The Tang Dynasty Princess
Rodrigo: The Castilian Warrior
Sama: The Minoan Warrior
Spurius: The Etruscan Warrior
Utu: The Sumerian Warrior
Viriathus: The Lusitanian Commander
Vlad: The Wallachian Count
Wallace: The Scottish Highlander
Wu: The Shaolin Monk
Zuma: The Jaguar Warrior

World of Warriors Hack/Trainer

Make your warriors invincible and enable God Mode to get infinite health plus do massive damage using the “World of Warriors cheats”. Use the hack to get unlimited wild stones, honor stones, gold and acquire legendary warriors.

World of Warriors Hack Features:

  • Unlimited Wildstones (Never run out of wildstones for World of Warriors.)
  • Unlimited Honor Stones (Use the honor stones to summon warriors from the Honor Door.)
  • Unlimited Gold (Use the gold for training and equipping warriors.)
  • God Mode (Invincibility Mode/Health always full/Warriors quickly return to full health.)
  • Unlimited Stamina (Stamina/Jugs/Meat value always at full.)
  • Mega Damage Hack (Warriors’ attack damage are multiplied/boosted to instantly kill enemies.)
  • Unlimited Talisman Use (Talisman/Talisman Scrolls values don’t decrease.)
  • Unlimited Crafting Material Use (Crafting materials values don’t decrease.)
  • Unlimited Upgrade Warrior Material Use (Upgrade warrior materials like Bronze Ingot, Silver Ingot, Gold Ingot, Emblem of Glory, Totem, Idol, Tower Trophy, etc. don’t decrease.)
  • Free Shopping/Store Mod (Summon Rare, Super Rare and Legendary Warriors from Door of Epics, Gold, Power Boost Potions, Mana Potions, Talismans, Stamina, etc.)
  • No “root” or “jailbreak” needed for your World of Warriors gaming device.

Proceed to Download the Hack and Cheat for World of Warriors:

STEP 1. Click Like then Confirm

STEP 2. Select Server To Download File


World of Warriors Hack v3.01


World of Warriors Hack v3.01


Hacking Instructions:

  • Connect first your Android or iOS gaming device (where the World of Warriors is currently installed and contains existing game saved data/files on it) to your computer using USB.
  • Open the World of Warriors Trainer.
  • On the top right menu of the trainer, select your gaming platform (e.g. select either Android or iOS depending on your game device) then click the “Detect Device” button.
  • Wait for the trainer to load up and successfully detect your connected game device, and validate your existing World of Warriors game data and files.
  • If you just want to add wildstones, honor stones and gold on your game saved data, then check the WildStones, Honor Stones and Gold options and enter your desired amount. Optionally, you can enable additional mods including the “God Mode”, “Damage Hack”, “Unlimited Wildstones”, “Unlimited Honor Stones”, “Unlimited Gold”, “Unlimited Stamina”, “Unlimited Talisman Use”, “Unlimited Crafting Material Use”, and “Unlimited Upgrade Warrior Material”.

If you have already enabled some of the options using the trainer, to disable it just repeat steps 1-4, then uncheck the corresponding option boxes that you want to disable.
Note: For a brief information about the additional mods, you can check the trainer features. You might also want to read the recommendation guide below for a few tips and tricks on what options to enable or disable.

  • After enabling your desired options and finalizing the amount of resources that you want, proceed next by clicking on the “Start” button.
  • Wait for a few seconds (or minutes) for the trainer to completely finish patching and modding your World of Warriors game data. After successful patching/modding have been applied, you may now unplug/disconnect your game device.
  • Start your World of Warriors game app, and check for the added resources and enabled cheats.
  • Have fun and enjoy getting legendary warriors! Try to upgrade your legendary warriors into 7 stars for more added stats and skills. Clear the quest stages on the story line and dominate the Arena, Tower and Portal!