One Piece Treasure Cruise Hack & Cheat Download iOS Android

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One Piece Treasure Cruise Hack and Cheats (Unlimited Rainbow Gem and Beli)

Tool Updated:

Learn how you can get unlimited Rainbow Gems and Beli using the "One Piece Treasure Cruise hack". This cheat perfectly works for Android and iOS devices including iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini and iPod Touch as long as it is supported or One Piece Treasure Cruise game can be played on it. No need to root or jailbreak your device for this to work. Just read the steps below and get started hacking and cheating One Piece: Treasure Cruise!

Use the One Piece Treasure Cruise hack for Android, iPhone, iPad and iOS to have infinite Rainbow Gems and Beli. Fill your pirate crew with overpowered rare recruits using these cheats!

One Piece Treasure Cruise Trainer

One Piece Treasure Cruise Hack Features:

  • Unlimited Rainbow Gems (Get free Rainbow Gems for One Piece Treasure Cruise.)
  • Unlimited Beli (Have infinite money to power up and evolve your characters.)
  • Unlimited Stamina (Use Rainbow Gems to completely refill your stamina.)
  • Works for all Android, iPhone, iPad, and iOS devices (One Piece Treasure Cruise must be supported by the device, and should be already installed on it.)
  • Works without rooting or jailbreaking your device.

Follow the Steps below:

  • 1. First, you will need to plug-in or connect your Android or iOS device (where One Piece Treasure Cruise game is installed) to your computer using a USB.
  • 2. Start and run the “One Piece Treasure Cruise Trainer”.
  • 3. On the trainer, click the “Detect Device” button, and then wait for a couple of seconds (or minutes) to successfully detect your connected smartphone or tablet and check for your existing One Piece: Treasure Cruise game data.
  • 4. Proceed by entering the amount of Rainbow Gems and Beli that you want to get added to your game data. Keep in mind that the Rainbow Gems and Beli option box needed to be marked as checked. You can disable the options for either Rainbow Gems or Beli, by un-checking the appropriate box for it.
  • 5. After setting the values of the Rainbow Gems and Beli, press the “Start Hacking” button.
  • 6. Wait for your One Piece Treasure Cruise game to finish getting patched and modded. Then unplug or disconnect your connected device.
  • 7. Finally check the added resources by starting or opening your One Piece Treasure Cruise app.
  • 8. Congratulations! You just successfully hacked and cheated One Piece Treasure Cruise game. Enjoy your added Rainbow Gems and Beli!

One Piece Treasure Cruise Hack Tool iOS Android

Acquire 4 stars (Ultra Super Rare) and 5 stars characters for your crew by using the “One Piece Treasure Cruise hack”! Use the cheat to obtain unlimited Rainbow Gems and Beli (money)

Start Downloading the One Piece Treasure Cruise Hack/Cheats

Follow two simple steps:

STEP 1. Click Like then Confirm

STEP 2. Select Server To Download File

Download One Piece Treasure Cruise Hack


One Piece Treasure Cruise Strategies, Tips and Tricks

  • Rainbow Gems can greatly help you in your adventures. Use the Rainbow Gems to continue a battle after a Game Over; recover Stamina; unlock more Character slots; and acquire allies with rarity of 3 stars or higher using the Rare Ally Recruit on the Tavern.
  • Beli (money) is needed to power up and evolve your characters. You can gain money and items by beating enemies.
  • Stamina is used to go on adventures. It is automatically refilled over time 1 Stamina point for every 10 minutes or you can use Rainbow gem to completely refill stamina.
  • Use chains when attacking to boost your offense. Chain combines the attacks of multiple characters and makes them into a stronger attack. The longer the chain, the stronger the attack. Make chains with Good, Great, and Perfect.
  • Characters have five different attack types: STR, DEX, QCK, PSY and INT. STR is strong against DEX, while DEX against QCK, and QCK is strong against STR. PSY and INT types are both weak against each other.
  • If a character with a Captain Ability is deployed as captain, their Captain Abilities will be activated during the battle.
  • Complete adventures to build up your collection of titles and expand the number of friend you can have. You can also get free rainbow gem whenever you first cleared as area.
  • Use the Rare Recruit in the Tavern to get an ally of rarity 3 or higher (3 stars, 4 stars and 5 stars). Higher stars means rarer and more powerful.
  • Power up your characters to build up experience points that they need to level up. You will need to max level your characters to be able to evolve. Evolving strengthen your character even more. Combine characters with identical Specials you can power up their Special.
  • Strengthen your crew by adding characters than can unleash special Tandem (TND) attacks. These attacks can deal huge damage to your enemies. You can see the [TND] slot display appear to trigger Tandem attacks.
  • Unleash Specials (Special Attack) once your characters Special Gauge fills up. This attack can change the tide of the battle. Use it to gain killer advantage during fights especially Boss battles.
  • Upgrade your ship from the Shipyard. You will need Cola to upgrade your ship. Cola can be looted or received as a reward on adventures.
  • Complete the Shells Town adventure to be able to unlock the entrance to a new, extra, and unique island. During Extra Island adventures, you can get special characters and items.