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Fairy Tail Online Cheats

Fairy Tail Online Hack 

Silver Coins and Gold Coins

This 100% working Fairy Tail Hack Tool, Cheats, Trainer will give you access to unlimited gold coins, silver coins, honor, voucher, CP (credit points) and VIP (from level 1 to 12). Download this hack and cheats for Fairy Tale online and become the best Fairy Tale player.

How to Hack and Cheat Fairy Tail Online (Facebook)

Below is a guide on hacking and cheating Fairy Tail. Note that you can play Fairy Tail Online using your Facebook, Yahoo, Google and MSN account

Fairy Tail Online is a RPG web game that is based around the classic Japanese anime, Fairy Tail. Similar to the animation, you can become a mage in this game. You can select your Mage Class to be Dragonslayer, Elemental Mage and Knight.

Each of the class has their own strengths and you should choose the class that best fits your playing style. While playing, you will have your chance to adventure together with characters in the anime. Experience the world of magic and fantasy in Fairy Tail Online!

Fairy Tail Trainer

Fairy Tail Online Hack

Fairy Tail on Facebook Hack Tool Features:

  • Add Unlimited Gold Coins (Infinite Gold)
  • Add Unlimited Silver Coins (Infinite Silver)
  • Add Unlimited Vouchers (Infinite Voucher)
  • Add Unlimited Honor (Infinite Honor)
  • Add Unlimited Voucher (Infinite Voucher)
  • Add Unlimited CP (Infinite Credit Points)
Free VIP (VIP 1 to VIP 12) (No Topup Gold needed.)

Supports all Server, including: (If your server doesn’t show, update the trainer using the Settings.)
  S1 – Earth Land
  S2 – Dragneel
  S3 – Hargeon
  S4 – Edolas
  S5 – Fullbuster
  S6 – Happy

How to use the Fairy Tale on Facebook Hack?

1. Log in to your Facebook account.
2. Open/run the Fairy Tale hacking tool.
3. Select what log in account platform you will use. E.g. For Facebook, click on the 

Facebook connect button to start connecting your Fairy Tale game account. A message will pop-up to show that your account is successfully connected. 

Download Fairy Tail Online Hack

Fairy Tail Online Hack Tool Fairy Tail Online Hack Tool
Fairy Tail Online Hack Tool Fairy Tail Online Hack Tool


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