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CoasterVille Hack Latest Release 2013

While CoasterVille has yet to really take off as a major player in Zynga's gaming catalog, a few strategically placed cross-promotions could change that in an instant. In the meantime, current players can now stock up on more Goods in this completely new way to play within the Good Emporium!
Instead of simply ordering Goods and waiting for them to appear over time (as was the case when the game first launched), you can now invite your friends to be Truck Drivers within the game and earn more Goods than you ever could before as a result! On the negative side of things, this update has reduced the amount of automatic orders you can place at a single time to just one (down from two), but you can hopefully make up for this limitation with friends' help.

At any time, you can place a regular order via Marty, an in-game character, that will act as normal. You can pay Park Cash to finish it off, but you'll never receive a bonus on how many Goods Marty brings back, regardless of how long he's been away. In addition, you'll now have four friend slots within the Good Emporium that can be filled by sending out individual requests to your neighbors for help.


How to Use Tool :

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2. After Download Open tool and Fill amounts in giving Fields.

3. Click on Start Button and wait for some moments and after its successfully done Refresh your Game and check your cash  Etc.

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Zynga Coasterville Hack Download

  • Version: 1.1
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  • Operating system: Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/2003/Vista/7/NT
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This is the Zynga Coasterville Hack for Facebook. It generates Park Cash, Park Coins and Zynga Coasterville Energy

Edit: And since the last update we are proud to announce the automated facebook login button. (check screenshot of the updates Zynga Coasterville Cheat Engine User Interface)

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  • Generates unlimited Park Cash
  • Generates unlimited Park Coins
  • UPDATE: Energy refill
  • UPDATE: Automated Facebook Login Button
  • Coasterville Auto Play Bot  *HOT*
  • Auto Gift **HOT**
  • XP Hack

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