Tiny Troopers Hack Tool [Ultimate Version] [iPhone, Android and PC]

Tiny Troopers recently got a fun little update that should be a welcome addition for fans of the game. There’s a new endless mode where you fight off wave after wave of zombies. You and your squadmates have to fend off a never ending onslaught of all manner of the undead (including exploding, zombie chickens) until they eventually overwhelm you. It’s a nifty diversion to the main campaign (which you all should be playing anyway), even if you are getting a little sick of zombies. We managed to get to wave 20... can anyone beat that? 

If you’ve ever played and loved the old Cannon Fodder computer games from the early '90s, then Finnish company Kukouri and Chillingo have made something special for you. Their new game Tiny Troopers takes the idea of a squad based war game, updates it with some gorgeous graphics, fantastic sound-effects, odd looking bobble-head characters, and a somewhat disturbing sense of humor, to make one of the more enjoyable action games on iOS. 

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