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Game – Gears and Guts
When the the game is making you need to fill several factors such as: good atmosphere that includes an intriguing story or a bunch of good-quality effects with music, good controls within the game, and an interesting role. Game Gears and Guts combines these three factors and can be described as “driving a car on the zombie” with a great soundtrack.
The game takes us to a small town overrun by zombies and the whole game comes down to capture the Volhynian and trampling. The controls are excellent, you can adjust how the use of controls. Not just in the trampling all the blood in the game that you can budget car, earn bonus weapons and Glu loan to updating. Glu loan may earn during the game or purchase.

The game features missions which involves you slaughtering a number of zombies in a set time, protecting a small group of survivors or picking up supplies while causing mayhem along the way. The missions are short and can be completed in minutes.

The game also offers you the ability to upgrade your vehicle with a wealth of nasty toys to pimp up your ride or even allowing you to upgrade to a bigger vehicle with more stopping power such as a cement truck.

Sometimes, the performance lags due to the number of zombies on the screen but we doubt that’ll affect your performance.
We highly recommend that you download this game. We guarantee that you will love skidding your car into the knee caps of zombies and sending their remains flying. The games also free so you definitely can’t complain.

Gears and Guts Hack Tool 

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   Technical Specifications: 
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  • File Name:Gears and Guts Hack Tool
  • Gears_and_Guts-Hack_Tool.rar
  • File Size: 4.07MB Uncompressed


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