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In Slingo there are different stages that you can accumulate on. In every stage there is a requirement to complete behind the lines of bingo in every completion there will be a reward coins and this will your key to raise on another stage. The game will start as you click the Spin button and it will let you complete a bingo. This is based on original concept of Bingo thus you have a random numbers on your cards and if this will match on the pattern  there you go it is all yours. One thing that you need to keep on your mind is by means of checking all the numbers before you click the spin button again just make sure that you don’t have missed any of these given numbers.
In one set of a game, you are only given a fixed number of balls to consume and you are not allowed to spin in your will. Once you already use all your balls you will be given a choice either spend a percent of your score or spend more of your coins. You see that you have a very limited moves here unless you are using hack for Zynga Slingo Cheat you need to be careful in making decision.
There is a opposite play, in Slingo patterned mode, you are required to complete the pattern before you can gain the completion of every level. The green numbers you will see will be your marker as the pattern in this stage of the game. More of it can be learned just stand by in our blog here. We will also give you some update if we have already cheats available to download. But for now try to learn the game, enjoy it and love it. It was all started here and we first publish and news about the release of newest game developed by Zynga, creator of Castleville, Cityville, Frontierville and almost all top social games in Facebook. And today we though we are not yet discussing Zynga Slingo Cheats but the review is here for you to read and for everyone to enjoy what this game featured.

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