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Guild Wars 2
Here’s the thing, compared to Star Wars: The Old Republic (the last MMO I previewed), Guild Wars 2 is spectacular - it feels fresh, it feels alive and it feels diverse… three adjectives that I’d never use to describe BioWare’s upcoming MMO, at least from what I’ve seen so far. Why am I comparing two games that are not out for many months? Because the only other frames of reference I have are two months of World of Warcraft, one month of Aion and a trial run of EVE Online. Comparing two competitors that are yet to hit the shelves seems like the fairest thing to do.

This particular Guild Wars 2 build we played was split into two distinct parts, a starting area in which we played a low-level character and an area further into the game harnessing the power that a fully kitted out high-level avatar allows. As a low-level player we selected to play as a Human female warrior. When you customise your character you’re asked a series of questions, the answers to which affect your personality and available in-game speech options.

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