King Arthur 2 The Role Playing Wargame Trainer +50 (STEAM) – PC Megatrainer/Cheat/Hack- GODMODE

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* Work for ALL VERSIONS of the game 

* Applicable to Steam/Retail, 32 bits and 64 bits, Razor 1911, Skidrow , Multiplayer and ONLINE versions.

* Easy to use . Simply run it and you are ready to go.

* DO NOT Crash the game like other trainers – you can run it for hours without any error.

*Rated Number #1 King Arthur 2 The Role Playing Wargame   Trainer/Cheat/Hack on the net.

*100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Download and Enjoy =)

*User Friendly. Each trainer/Cheat/Hack is accompanied with a simple user guide.

Trainer Options:
Insert – Enable Trainer

Numpad 1 – Unlimited/Infinite Health – GODMODE *HOT*

Numpad 2 – Unlimited/Infinite Gold  *HOT*

Numpad 3 – Unlimited/Infinite Willpower  *HOT*

Numpad 4 – Unlimited/Infinite Units *HOT*

Numpad 5 – Enemies cant attack *INSANE HOT*

Numpad 6 – Unlimited/Infinite Ability Points *INSANE HOT*

Numpad 7 – Hero – Unlimited/Infinite Health – GODMODE *INSANE HOT*

Numpad 8 – Hero – Unlimited/Infinite Mana *INSANE HOT*

Numpad 9 – Hero – Unlimited/Infinite Skillpoints *INSANE HOT*

Numpad 0 – Hero – Unlimited/Infinite XP *INSANE HOT*

Numpad + – Hero – Add Level *INSANE HOT*

F1 – Invisible *INSANE HOT*

F2 – Enemies ignore you *INSANE HOT*

F3 – Super Kill  *INSANE HOT*

Home – Disable ALL


Description of King Arthur 2 The Role Playing Wargame  Trainer/Cheat/Hack;

Insert – Enable Trainer

Numpad 1 – Unlimited/Infinite Health – GODMODE (ALL units’ health generates very quickly)

Numpad 2 – Unlimited/Infinite Gold (press to add more Gold – can be done unlimitedly)

Numpad 3 - Unlimited/Infinite Willpower  (press to add more Willpower – can be done unlimitedly)

Numpad 4 – Unlimited/Infinite Units (press to add more Units – can be done unlimitedly)

Numpad 5 – Enemies cant attack (Self Explanatory)

Numpad 6 – Unlimited/Infinite Ability Points (press to add more Ability Points – can be done unlimitedly)

Numpad 7 – Hero – Unlimited/Infinite Health – GODMODE (your hero health regenerates very quickly)

Numpad 8 – Hero – Unlimited/Infinite Mana ( when toggled – your hero mana bar will not reduce)

Numpad 9 – Hero – Unlimited/Infinite Skillpoints (when toggled – you have UNLIMITED skillpoints to spend on)

Numpad 0 – Hero – Unlimited/Infinite XP (press to add more XP – can be done unlimitedly)

Numpad + – Hero – Add Level (press to add ONE level at a time)

F1 – Invisible (enable to activate the invisibility mode – avoid the high level enemies easily with this option)

F2 – Enemies ignore you (enemies will not attack you even though you are in front of you. They treat you as their own team)

F5 – Super Kill  (when activated, you will be able to kill three enemies in one shot)


A video game trainer is a small program made with the sole purpose of modifying a game’s original code. The most popular use of a video game trainer is to enable cheats for the game, where otherwise it would be impossible to do so. Or, in cases where better cheats could be activated with less work by the end user.
Video game trainers are most common in PC video games, but can also be used in consoles where the console’s hardware or bios has been modified to run non-original code and content.
Trainers are normally coded in the same way as virus. There is nothing to worry about if you have virus warning issues when you run the trainers. Simply put the trainers as the safe programs in your antivirus files. All trainers from Hack and Game Paradize are fully scanned with and guaranteed to be virus free.