Free Minecraft Premium Accounts

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It is with great joy we present to you our free Minecraft premium accounts release! We will be updating these premium acocunts every week for as long as Minecraft is still actively played by people.
Download your Minecraft premium Account username and password.

Account 1
Account 2
Account 3

Account 4
Account 5
Account 6

Account 7

Account 8

All premium accounts for minecraft on this page are either cracked or bought from our own money. Yes you heard it, our own money! And you don’t have to pay a single cent for them at all. Every week we will update 3-4 times with 8 new premium accounts for you guys to use. The accounts will not get banned and you will be the only one using it. So enjoy!
If the link has a line over it then the account has already been taken by someone else.


  1. Nisar Yousaf said...:

    how i can got premiun account here